Technical Oversight

Oversight during repair periods

Oversight during repair periods

Often, ship owners rely fully on their outsourced technical managers to run and operate their ships, frequently without sufficient oversight due to the lack of in-house technical managers or time.

Reveiw of Class items and COC's

Review of Class items and COC’s

We can provide technical desktop oversight and follow-through on all vessel operational matters, assess internal and external surveys and audits and evaluate emergency and routine repairs to consider due-diligence, relevance, requirement, result and scope. Once or twice or more yearly we attend on board the concerned vessels to conduct independent general condition/management surveys/audits covering operational details and at suitable intervals we issue recommendations with regard to prolonging vessel life, to increasing preventative maintenance regimes, and we promote safety or security through continual evaluation. We also highlight possible areas where the managers may be failing in their care of the vessel or equally showing their due-diligence in that care.

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