New Build and Repair Disputes

Ships take time, cost and considerable planning and effort to build and they are extremely are an complex project to undertake. Costs are therefore always at the top of any discussion with minute details of the contractual agreement being studied for loopholes or error.

Scaffolding on a ship


It is extremely important that the owners have onsite attendance to ensure that the vessel is being built in accordance with requirement and agreement. However, things can and often do go wrong, the result of which can have costly ramifications or indeed a reduction in the safety/efficient operation of the vessel and those on board. But it is the interpretation of the error and its relationship to the original contract that will be minutely studied in future negotiations?

Many cases have occurred where the vessel receivers have refused to take-over the vessel or where they have submitted large claims as part of the guarantee period. We assess the relevance of such claims, by studying the contractual agreement, through subsequent attendance and/or analysis of a guarantee item and its relevance to the ship yards being at fault or that of equipment malfunction. We then provide our clients with up-to-date and ongoing reports into our findings with opinion on how the matter can be resolved.

We have worked for both shipyards and owners with extremely positive outcomes in all instances.