Cold Case Study

Many cases, for example severe collisions at sea or in port, ship arrests or charter disputes are often re-studied well after actual events have occurred and well after the vessel/situation has moved on. This re-opening of a case can often occur, one or more years later when memories have dimmed and invariably when the original parties are no longer available for comment.

Study of documents, photographs and provide analysis of an old case

Study of documents, photographs and provide analysis of an old case

We have previously studied numerous ‘cold cases’ with the P&I Clubs, international law firms, charterers and ship owners. We have initially been provided with the available information on the case and then we have carefully rebuilt the scenario, including analysis of the situation, cost allocation and root cause of large scale repairs due to collision, slow-steaming issues, multiple main engine damage claims, groundings, ship arrests and docking invoices.

We have worked closely with the lawyers and claim-handlers to study past cases and ultimately to assist and prepare detailed recount of the whole scenario. This recreation leads directly to the presentation of a concise well-written report that is based upon actual events: with attention to detail and the practicality of our vast experience, input every step of the way.

If you have a cold case that requires dedicated and experienced attention then don’t hesitate to contact us now.