Claim Adjustment

As anybody dealing in ship repair knows, repair costs can escalate beyond all comprehension, especially when the repairs are the result of a collision, grounding or machinery failure.

Study of various documents, photographs, records and forms to build the picture

Study of various documents, photographs, records and forms to build the picture and costs

In order to keep a lid on such costs the first step is to ensure that proper supervision of the repair process is undertaken, best achieved through the appointment of an independent surveyor to witness events as they occur. The second step is then to ensure that the presentation of those costs is ‘fare and reasonable’. However, it is often the case that only the second step is undertaken: the claim adjustment part.

  • For ship-owners and managers it is important that all claims submitted to their insurers are fully representative of the actual corrective process.
  • For the insurers it is important to know that the received claim is an honest interpretation of the necessary repairs and is not bloated unreasonably with superfluous additions.

Independent claim adjustment is often required, undertaken through the knowledge and experience of an expert. Through proper claim adjustment the end claim amounts can often be brought back into the realm of expectation; through careful assessment of individual events and based upon industry knowledge to assess the validity of each claim entry.

Contact us now, be it a claim for a full docking due to collision damage, off-spec fuel damage, an engine or thruster failure or a hook fallen off a heavy lift crane we have been there and invariably we have conducted a similar claim adjustment before.